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2012 Base Oil and Lube Oil Industry Summit Forum and Chinese Industrial Lubricant Industry Seminar Held in Guanghzou

On March 29, 2012, the sixth base oil and lube oil industry summit forum was successfully held in Guangdong Nanyang King's Gate Hotel , which had drawn great attention of lubricant industry. As one of sponsors, Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (GMERI) and its subsidiary company Guangzhou Jetsun Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd together with industry elites attend the summit forum, portraying the new era of future development in this field.

On the day of summit, China Petrochemical Corp., HoughtonChinaand other well-known companies of lubrication industry, as well as Logistic Engineering Institute of CPLA and other scientific research departments over 11 organizations had been invited to attend this forumDuring the summitall the sponsors and guests made speeches from different angles , concentrating upon topics about advanced technology of base oil and lube oilthe future of lubrication industryresearch and technical requirements of green lubricants and how to promote the healthy development of this industry, etc..

In this forum, the Deputy General Manager as well as the Technical Director of our company Xiang Hui presented a subjective report of “New Energy Vehicles and its Requirements on Lubricants” which received great recognition and praise from summit delegates. The report analyzed the future trend of automotive development and that of lubrication industry which is greatly influenced by auto market, and also put forward some important technical requirements of lubricants for new energy vehicles. In addition, our company also took actively part in discussion among elites present about products and market of lubricants, establishing and deepening peer friendship with people across the country from the same field.

In recent years, driven by the auto and other Machinery manufacturing industries, the lubricant businesses has been greatly developed, and the competition has become more and more vigorous. The summit forum is a good platform to increase technical communication among lubricant enterprises and explore the future development trend of base oil and lube oil, which is benefit for companies to position themselves, adjust the developing strategy and improve product technology, ultimately enhancing market competition ability, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of lubrication industry.


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