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Jetsun held Annual Wrap-up Meeting and the Spring Festival Evening Party of 2013

On February 1st, 2013, Jetsun Annual Wrap-up Meeting and the 2013 Spring Festival Evening Party was held in Dongguan Mingxuan Hotel, the Chairman of our group company Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd (GMERI) Mr. Huangxing, the Communist party secretary Mr. Zhu Xumin and other senior managers were present at the party, together with managers and all employees from Guangzhou office and Dongguan branch celebrated the Spring Festival of the Snake.

Firstly, Chairman Huang delivered an impassioned and sincere congratulation speechappreciating the efforts that all staff made in the past year. He said 2012 was a year full of challenge and opportunities, Jetsun gained good performance under fierce market competition situation. The company would continue perfecting the management model, improve staff working environment and promote business extending ability, enhancing employee confidence to the company. And at the same time, Chairman Huang expressed his desire that all departments work together and keep on making efforts, creating a more brilliant new year for the company and the staff themselves.

After dinner, we began to enjoy wonderful programmes prepared by the staff and took part in exciting raffle drawing activities. The amazing magic show impressed everyone and the song Legend and A Twig of Plum gave us the chance to revive classics, the famous Gangnam Style dance brought the happy atmosphere of the party to its highlight, with funny imitating action making everyone laugh. The raffle drawing which interspersed between the performances brought surprise, excitement and pleasure.

Followed the performance, Our General Manager Mr. Liu Changqi announced the list of annual company Outstanding Employees and gave award to them. He congratulated award-winning colleagues, encouraging all to aim high and strive for more success.

Applause and cheers again and again, we all felt the atmosphere of New Year and enjoyed ourselves on this gathering day, the party finally ended with all staff filled with happiness. It gave the employees a stage to show themselves, enabled them to get closer to each other, which would help to reinforce company cohesion. With this New Year to come, all staff would work together and strive for a new goal under the company’s leadership.


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